1. Working for promotion of tax culture with other National Institutions


To formulate and suggest measures for promotion of tax culture and ensure meaningful access to justice and fair play for betterment of the country’s economy.

Committee Members
  • Mr. Muhammad Muneeb (Convener)

1      Mr. Aftab Hussain Nagra

2      Mr. Zahid Ateeq Chaudry

3      Mr. Armghan Ali Sheikh

4      Mr. Arshad Iqbal Rana

5      Mian Amir Zia

6      Mr. Farhan Shezad

2. CPE on Indirect Taxes


•    Sales Tax Act, 1984, Federal Excise Act, 2005, Provincial Sales Tax Laws on Services, Rules;

•    Seminars/Workshops on important topics related to Indirect Taxes;

•    Organize Annual Summer/Winter Camps; and

•    Interactive Group discussion/studies

Committee Members
  • Mr. Zahid Ateeq Chaudry (Convener)

1      Mr. Naeem Shah

2      Mr. Haider Patel

3      Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed

4      Mr. Muhammad Saqib Sheikh

5      Mr. Muhammad Waheed Haider

6      Mr. Rana Munir Hussain

3. CPE Committee on Direct Taxes and Corporate Laws


•    Workshops on the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 and Rules thereunder;

•    Companies Act , 2017 and Rules thereunder;

•    Seminars/Workshops on important topics related to Direct Taxes and Corporate Laws; and

•    Interactive group discussion/studies

Committee Members
  • Mr. Mohsin Nadeem (Convener)

1      Mr. Munawar Hussain Sheikh

2      Chaudry Muhammad Khalid Asad

3      Mr. Aftab Hussain Nagra

4      Mr. Javaid Iqbal Chaudry

5      Mr. Asim Rizwani

6      Mr. Ahmad Saeed

7      Mr. Muhammad Aslam Ansari

8      Mr. Rana Munir Hussain

9      Mr. Ahmad Saeed

4. PTBA Academy of Taxation


•    Establish a training academy and get it affiliated with recognized University/Institute for Master Degree, Diploma and certificate courses in Tax Laws and allied subjects;

•    Introduce certified “Master degree or Diploma in Taxation”;

•    Start distance learning programs;

•    To disseminate knowledge and keep members abreast of the changes/developments made in the tax & corporate and allied laws from time to time and update with the latest judicial pronouncement;

•    Arrange international study and pleasure tour(s).

Committee Members
  • Mr. Abdul Qadir Memon (Convener)

1      Mr. Younus Rizwani Sheikh

2      Mr. Rana Munir Hussain

3      Mr. Moin Azhar Siddique

4      Mr. Haider Patel

5      Mr. Aftab Hussain Nagra

6      Mr. Armghan Ali Sheikh

7      Mr. Muhammad Shakeel Mughal

8      Mr. Javaid Iqbal Chaudry

9      Chaudry Qamer-uz-Zaman

5. Tax Research Service


PTBA team members will endeavor to answer the members queries/questions on the issues of common interest for the benefit of general membership.

Committee Members
  • Mr. Armghan Ali Sheikh (Convener)

1      Mr. Chaudry Muhammad Khalid Asad

2      Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed

3      Mr. Haider Patel

4      Mr. Khursheed Anwar Khan

5      Mr. Ahmad Saeed

6      Mr. Aamar Athar Saeed

7      Mr. Kamal Hassan Siddiqui

8      Mr. Rana M. Akram Khan

9      Mr. Ameer-ud-Din Shaikh

6. Working with Provincial Tax Authorities


To work with the provincial tax authorities and mercantile associations for Harmonization of Provincial Tax Laws to ensure that fair tax is imposed on the registered person and litigation is minimized.

Committee Members
  • Mr. Aftab Hussain Nagra (Convener)

1      Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed Khan

2      Mr. Zahid Ateeq Chaudry

3      Mr. Muhammad Muneeb

4      Mr. Muhammad Waheed Haider

5      Mr. Muhammad Aslam Ansari

6      Mr. Muhammad Aleem

7      Mr. Muhammad Arshad Qureshi

8      Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Malik

9      Mr. Sajid Rehman Malik

7. PTBA Tax Law Journal


To re-launch the publication of research journal namely “PTBA Tax Law Journal” on various important topics of taxation, corporate and allied laws.

Committee Members
  • Mr. Haider Patel (Convener)

1      Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad

2      Mr. Zahid Ateeq Chaudry

8. Website


To re-launch website and provide portal to small member bars to have their own website.

Committee Members
  • Mr. Muhammad Zubair (Convener)

1      Mr. Armghan Ali Sheikh

2      Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed Khan

3      Mr. Muhammad Arshad Qureshi

4      Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Malik

5      Mr. Javaid Iqbal Chaudry

6      Mr. Farhan Shezad

9. PTBA National Tax Conferences


Organize PTBA National Tax Conferences on various important topics at Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad.

Committee Members
  • Mr. Haider Patel (Convener)

1      Mr. Naveed A. Andrabi

2      Chaudry Muhammad Khalid Asad

3      Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed

4      Mr. Muhammad Muneeb

5      Mr. Ali Rahim

6      Mr. Muhammad Bashir Malik

7      Mr. Younus Ghazi

8      Mr. Monim Sultan

9      Mr. Azfer Ahsan – Nutshell Forum

10      Mr. Zeeshan Mercant

10. Young Tax Professionals Exchange and Students Internship Programs


•   Provide an opportunity to the young members (25 to 30 years) to visit any bar under exchange program;

•   PTBA will also endeavor to arrange internship for the young aspiring students in the field of taxation; and

•   To arrange and conduct competitions between the young tax practitioners to provide them with an excellent opportunity to expand the parameters of their professional knowledge and skills.

Committee Members
  • Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad Khan (Convener)

1      Mr. Muhammad Muneeb

2      Chaudry Muhammad Khalid Asad

3      Mr. Arshad IqbaL Rana

4      Mr. Khursheed Anwar Khan

5      Mian Muhammad Rafi

6      Mr. Mustafa Rahim

11. Electronic and Media Relationship


To foster, communicate and establish close liaison with electronic & print media.

Committee Members
  • Mr. Shabaz Qadir (Convener)

1      Chaudry Muhammad Khalid Asad

2      Mr. Ahmed Saeed

3      Mian Amir Zia

4      Mr. Waseem Hashmi

12. Public Relationship & Joint Publication


•   To foster, communicate and establish close liaison with Senate of Pakistan, National Assembly of Pakistan, Provincial Governments, Mercantile & Professional associations, Federal Board of Revenue, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, all Appellate Forums, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Law, Ministry of Commerce, National Accountability Bureau and National & International Bar Associations; and

•   Publish latest and amended statutes jointly with national institutions of the country.

Committee Members
  • Mr. Muhammad Zubair (Convener)

1      Mr. Haider Patel

2      Mr. Muhammad Muneeb

3      Mr. Zahid Ateeq Chaudry

4      Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Malik

13. Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights.


To make an effort for legislation of “Taxpayers’ Bill of Right”.

Committee Members
  • Mr. Armghan Ali Sheikh (Convener)

1      Mr. Ahmad Saeed

14. Members Recognition & Networking


•   Publish biography of founder Presidents of Member Bars to recognize and acknowledge their vision and services to the profession;

•   Highlight the outstanding achievement of our members; and

•   To provide a platform to the member bars for cultivating unity, cooperation & brotherhood amongst the member bars and learning & sharing knowledge and important issues

Committee Members
  • Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed (Convener)

1      Mr. Ahmad Saeed

2      Mr. Arshad Iqbal Rana

3      Mr. Javaid Iqbal Chaudry

4      Mr. Khursheed Anwar Khan

5      Mian Amir Zia

6      Mr. Muhammad Aslam Ansari

7      Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Malik

8      Mr. Muhammad Saqib Sheikh

9      Mr. Muhammad Shakeel Mughal

10      Mr. Muhammad Waheed Haider

11      Mr. Shahbaz Qadir

15. Publication


•   “PTBA News Letter” of PTBA activities on quarterly basis;

•   Publication of Directory of PTBA Member Bars;

•   PTBA Diary; and

•   Documentary on PTBA activities.

Committee Members
  • Mr. Shahbaz Qadir (Convener)

1      Mr. Zahid Ateeq Chaudry

2      Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed Khan

3      Chaudry Muhammad Khalid Asad

16. Endowment Fund


To establish PTBA Endowment Fund.

Committee Members
  • Mr. Zahid Ateeq Chaudry (Convener)

1      Mr. Younus Rizwani Sheikh

2      Mr. Mohsin Nadeem

3      Mr. Shahbaz Butt

4      Mr. Aftab Hussain Nagra

5      Mr. Haider Patel

6      Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed Khan

7      Mr. Muhammad Arshad Qureshi

8      Mr. Mansha Sukera

9      Mr. Shahbaz Qadir

10      Mr. Farhan Shezad

11      Mr. Shahbaz Butt

12      Mr. Monim Sultan

13      Mr. Naeem Abdul Aziz

14      Mr. Anvar Janvari

17. Advisory


Members of the Advisory Committee will play only an advisory role and in order to discharge advisory responsibility they shall be responsible to constantly review the association’s current Strategic Plan, Bye-Laws and Financial Plans and to propose long term recommendations as are necessary to modify such aspect of the strategic plan or proposed changes in the Bye-Laws of the association as may need updating in the light of changing circumstances and events.

Committee Members

1      Mr. S. A. Khan

2      Mr. Younus Rizwani Shaikh

3      Mr. Muhammad Naeem Shah

4      Mr. Naveed A. Andrabi

5      Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan

6      Mr. Munawar Hussain Sheikh

7      Mr. Mohisan Nadeem

8      Mr. Shahbaz Butt

9      Hafiz Muhammad Idress

10      Mr. Muhammad Bashir Malik/p>

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