BUSINESS PLAN 2009 - 2011




To promote tax profession and assist tax professionals in enhancing their abilities, so as to be of service to the citizens by ensuring availability of due process of law, levy of fair tax and dispensation of justice.


To be the effective voice of tax professionals and taxpayers.

  • To provide latest tax knowledge and ensure competence, ethical conduct, professionalism and strong networking amongst member bars;
  • To provide benefits, programs and services which promote members’ professional growth and quality of life;
  • To formulate and suggest measures for promotion of tax culture and overall betterment of the economy;
  • To ensure meaningful access to justice and fair play for building the confidence of the taxpayers;
  • To encourage member bars to register with the relevant registration authorities;
  • To make an effort to obtain status of Statutory Body for the Association from the relevant authorities; and
  • To affiliate the Association with the Regional and international bodies.


PTBA Secretariat

To acquire the office premises for the Association preferably at FBR building in Islamabad


Web Site

To design and develop website for sharing knowledge by the members and with portal to enable small member bars to have their own website.


Net working

To provide a platform to the member bars for networking, cultivation of unity, co-operation & brotherhood amongst the member bars for expression of their views and learning & sharing knowledge.


Training Academy

  • Develop a training academy and get it affiliated with HEC or with any recognized University for diploma and certificate courses in Tax Laws and allied fields exclusively for the members of PTBA member bars;
  • Introduce Diploma in Taxation; and
  • Introduce Distance Learning Programs.


Young Tax Professional Exchange Program

Provide an opportunity to the young members (20 to 30 years) of different bars to visit other bars under exchange program.



  • Keep members abreast of the changes made in the tax laws, latest judicial pronouncement and PTBA activities through:
  • Publication of Directory of PTBA member bars.
  • Publication of PTBA Diary.
  • Publish latest and amended Tax Laws jointly with FBR


PTBA National Tax Conference- 2009

Organize PTBA National Tax Conference in Lahore in the month of November/ December 2009.


Communication Facility

Provide assistance to the member bars in order to be equipped with computer and internet facility for use of their members.


PTBA Meetings

To hold quarterly Executive Committee Meetings with the assistance of Member Bars and in such cities of the Country where PTBA meeting was not held in the recent past. Every Executive Meeting will be followed by Seminar / Workshop/ Group discussion on the topics of prime importance.


Tax Research Service

Our team members will endeavor to get the answers on the current issues of common interest along-with supporting documents, for the benefit of general membership.



  • workshop on the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001;
  • workshop on the Sales Tax Act 1984;
  • Summer Camp; and
  • Seminars/workshops on important topics.


Member Recognition

  • Publish biography of founder President of member bars in recognition of their vision and services to the profession; and
  • Recognize the outstanding achievement of our members.


Media and Public Relationship

To foster, communicate and establish close liaison with other mercantile & professional associations, Federal Board of Revenue, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, all Appellate Forums, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Law, Ministry of Commerce and national & International Bar Associations.


LET’S UNITE & WORK TOGETHER to address the challenges, issues /problems faced by the member bars around the country and to perform our professional responsibilities for the betterment of each and every citizens of Pakistan.

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